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MeriT Thames
曖昧 ”FAKE OUT” 頭の中もうたくさんで
I will charm all the boys and girls of Visual Kei, just try to stop me.
Special Notice
I will not add you back as a friend unless you comment on this entry, I only update it from time to time, but the rules stay the same. I appreciate all your adds no matter the purpose and although I might be inactive from time to time, I'll always be back. Comments are my crack too, so be sure to leave them ;]

Sankyuu hollow_graphics for layout and profile.
Who am I?
日本:愛王子『正彦愛』 ・プリンスMANAマナ・PRINCE[愛」MANA
English: Prince Mana // Em // Prince Ciel // Masahiko Mana // Prince // Mimi
โทย: เอมเมอรี่ // เอม // มานา
Sex/เพศ/性別: MALE... or female? ;] Shemale? ^w^y I'm a guy or girl think what you want. I won't justify you. I'm sick of it.
Sexuality: Bi-sexual.
Part/เป็น/パート:Aspiring bassist(初心者 - Beginner - เริ่มเรียน), Bad Vocalist ;], CamWhore, Lyricist, often a horrible writer - rarely a good one. No, I don't have a band yet, and no I can't really sing or play the bass yet. I lost my voice due to the voice change and now I'm trying to get it back. Yes, I used to play the piano and violin to a decent level, but I've already forgotten how to.
Blood/หมู่เลือด/血液型: B型
Height/สูง/高さ: 163163CM
Alcohol/เหล้า/酒: Blue Ice
Music/音楽: Rock, Visual Kei, Oshare Kei, J-Rock, K-Pop.
Brands/ตรา/服ブランド: h.Naoto, Sexpot Revenge, Vivienne Westwood

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