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MeriT Thames
05 May 2017 @ 08:56 am
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If you let me know the reason why you want to add, I'd appreciate it ^_^

Sankyuu for reading! -愛

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MeriT Thames
16 April 2011 @ 10:37 pm
Sorry, it seems like I died haha. I just wanted to tell everyone that I'm back right now and although I know a lot of you people don't have interest in personal entries, I am going to make this blog a bit more personal. I doubt if I'll be able to do a lot of scans, but I'll continue to make graphics and write stories. I've definitely improved in that aspect so hope you guys can give me your support! x]
MeriT Thames
Fool's Mate: the GazettE [Cover] August 2010 Scans

Bands: the Gazette, Nightmare, ViViD, SADs, DELUHI, Kagrra, NoGod, Nightmare, THE KIDDIE, Vistlip, ALSDEAD, Para:noir, 12012, "Tribial Arrival", "Over the Edge '10 @ Osaka", Mix Speakers Inc., Merry, and 密室ノイローゼ

Note: they aren't the best HQ scans you'll find due to my scanner's problems but I tried my best and I'm willing to re-scan anything that can actually be done better by myself (such as missing/cut out pictures/texts which are common due to Fool's Mate big size in comparison with a typical scanner). 
Sadie, Girugamesh, and Gackt have already been scanned by diru915

If use, please credit to scheatcafe or jrock_scans. It took me quite a while to scan these even though it's not the best so I don't appreciate thieves.

Download links hosted by MediaFire, feel free to let me know if there are troubles with downloading. I'll try to upload them as an image once I find another image hoster that would work for me. Some other scans have been uploaded to PhotoBucket
Sorry again for not being able to scan it in HQ T_T, if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve the quality, just let me know. I'll scan Cure over the weekends, also let me know if I'm missing any requested bands.
I don't know if I stated so earlier because LJ screwed up and I had to redo this whole entry but I could find MUCC and I might also have missed something, but just let me know if you're sure a band is in there then I'll try to re-search.
No Alice Nine as far as I can find by the way.

Edit: I've added an alternative link (hosted by 4Shared) for those who couldn't work with mediafire. Sorry for the problems and please let me know if there are still any problems with downloading etc. 

- I missed out MUCC from the scans because I forgot to check if they had a Japanese name x_x I will scan those in over the weekends (Sunday night to Monday night because I'm going to a one-man live on Sunday) Thank you! -
MeriT Thames
Okay first things first: the "squeal" and second part of Raped From Romance exists but it's almost done... well, half done. I've decided to add a third part pairing Kai and Ruki too, that is almost done. See, the problem is that I'm having a writer's block for the Reita and Mari part, but I'm hoping that I'll have time to get over it after I finish all my homework (which are all due by the end of this month). Yes, the theme is still rape but it won't go through all the way if you get what I mean, the same applies to Kai and Ruki. I know I've been making promises and breaking them, but I swear I'll try my best to finish it ASAP. I hope you guys will wait for it! Thank you for all the support on that.

Apart from that, since I'm using this as my semi-journal and not just for my stories, here's an update:
  • I'm going to ParanoiD's one-man live. They're a Hong Kong Visual Kei band... I'm not so sure if they're good, but I'll just write a live report on them after I come back anyways. Better than nothing, right? I just hope they won't disappoint me.
  • Okay, so I'm not very big on the personal blog thing because I tend to get insecure and I know you don't want spams with that crap anyways so I'm cutting down all personal updates as much as possible and leaving it to my Ameba. [Even then, it's generally music I blog about]
  • My graphic making skills have improved if I may say so myself so I'll try making icons and banners again, in any case, please let me know how they turn out once I post them.
  • Look for good Aoi x Uruha stories where Aoi is the seme, any recommendations? Also if there are any good yaoi fanfictions or mangas (that are not drawn by Minami-sensei because I happened to have read all of her work) in English, please, please let me know! I need inspiration right now.
Thank you for reading and I do hope some people have recommendations (even your own stories will work).
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MeriT Thames
07 April 2010 @ 05:47 pm

Raped From Romance 
Author: scheatcafe
Type: GazettE FanFiction [Yaoi] 
Genre: Rape, Angst, Comedy  
Warning: Rape, Sex, and Smut. Plus, it's boyxboy, can't stand it? Don't read it.
Rating: NC-17
Status: One-shot 
Pairings: Reita/Uruha, Aoi/Uruha, Uruha/Aoi
A/N: This is a one-shot but I'm planning to do another one-shot squeal as well pairing is Aoi/Uruha with the seme/uke rules applying, i.e. the roles are switched. This piece isn't really brutal rape, but the next one might be - pairing is Reita/OFC though so it's not entirely yaoi. Please comment if your read too!
Summary: They never rejected each other, they never even made their feelings clear. Everything was just a big misunderstanding, which eventually led to rape that they both enjoyed but Uruha doesn't know who attacked him from behind that night.

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MeriT Thames
03 April 2010 @ 07:26 pm
So I got the news a few days ago that the squeal (or whatever you'd call it) to Kuroshitsuji is about to be released and its called Monoshitsuji. There you have an older guy as the main character replacing Ciel (he also seems to have a softer heart) and a Sebastian-look-and-act-alike butler in his service. 
"Claude Faustus" ( クロード・フォースタス ) as the butler, he looks a lot like Sebastian as I said earlier
 Alois Trancy as the new master.

Disappointed? I was. Because I don't care what people say, it is not certain that Ciel died at the end of Kuroshitsuji. No matter how you saw it, Sebastian didn't look like he was going to kill Ciel. But I've been hearing rumors that this season is like a prequel to our beloved Kuroshitsuji, on how Ciel's parents were murdered. If that's the case, then I bet everyone is happy, because that would mean either there will be a season 3 or an ending to Ciel's story. But there is still other rumors where they say it's on Sebastian past and Ciel really did die and Sebastian was sad etc. Whatever the case, I'm giving this anime a chance before I come to conclusion. You can bet that I'll be posting a lot about it. But of course, I'd be outraged if Ciel died.
I also checked the manga, apparently, it's ongoing. I don't know how it's like, but I'm starting to think that the anime might have changed it a bit. Anyhow, I'm not going to read the manga because I usually prefer them to animes - the cause of why I can't watch Vampire Knight without thinking that it's not detailed and it's the worst anime out there, no offense.
Surprisingly, Death Note was good on paper and on screen. Actually, it's not suprising at all, Death Note is one of the greatest creation.

You just have to love how the animation dramatizes his way of writing.

Oh and that reminds me, has the Liar Game movie come out yet? Once it's subbed, I'm definitely writing a review on it.
MeriT Thames
21 March 2010 @ 10:04 am
Title: Ride With The Rockers [Chapter Two]
iScreamParty (myself)
NC-17 for this chapter, to be safe. But I believe it's more R.
SuG and ViViD
Comedy, Romance, Life, Dreams.
Disclaimer: The above information is set only for this chapter. As you should know, this story, in general, fetures the GazettE as well. I don't own Shinpei or Ryoga, unfortunately, and they are very unlikely to have a secret love affair going on between them. I do own the two girls that show up in this chapter and the idea, which mean that if you steal, you're dead.

[Chapter 1]

Ride With The Rockers: Chapter 2. Click For Smut ^_* and leave a comment!Collapse )
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MeriT Thames

Title: Ride With The Rockers [Ongoing Story]
Author: iScreamParty (myself)
Rating: R (above 15 please)
Featuring: GazettE, SuG, ViViD, and several female OCs
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Dreams.
Pairings (SPOILER): OC vs Shin x Ruki, Aoi vs Takeru vs Ko-Ki x OC, Aoi vs Reita x Uruha (?) , IV vs Kai x Ko-Ki vs Masato, ShinpeixRyoga, YujixChiyu
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the idea and the OCs, which if you steal, I will murder you... now, someone tell me why I don't own anything? Y_Y

Three J-Rock bands meet each other through tours but after two girls, one a foreign student and another a photographer for the paparazzi, dragged them all into a mess they can't get out of, friendship and romance forms between girls and amongst the members themselves. The nearly disbanded GazettE is left to face the various problems that only point to the bigger one they hide from each other: "Fate has its way of sending its message of hope."


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MeriT Thames
05 March 2010 @ 06:21 pm
Alice Nine [40]
Ayabie [2]
Girugamesh [2]
Hayley Williams [4]
Ruki (GazettE) [4]
Matsumoto Jun (Arashi) [4]
Sadie [8]
Toda Erika [8]

The aftermath of scanning in great pictures of my favorite and good looking bands or celebrities? I go icon crazy, plus I needed to find my own style with PhotoShop Elements, which is crap and way harder than normal PhotoShop. But I think I've learned a few tricks here and there.
Anyways, here: I made probably more than a hundred (will go back to count) icons, some are good, some are bad. I think my good one are with Hiroto because his pictures were awesome and some of DELUHI's ones were okay. Just give it a chance, ne~? ^.^ I'll break it down into two posts because it'll definitely be too long and I'm too lazy (and busy, unfortunately) to copy and paste them all now. My favorite ones are some in the 12012 (next post). Experimented with many different styles. Hope people will use it ^_^

You know the drill, if you use, though I really don't know if you well, credit me and comments would be nice :3


Ruki,Icon,Gazette Ayabie Toda Erika Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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MeriT Thames
05 March 2010 @ 11:36 am
Done with the requested scans from my last entry. Bands included in the scans of this round: LM.C, D, Ayabie, Girugamesh, Nightmare, DELUHI, Phantasmagoria, Duel Jewel, mix Speaker's Inc. (a small part), and I don't think I'm missing anything. Bonus is Daizy Stripper, they were around the Kiddle and Toon Factory section, and they seemed interesting so I included them in XD.


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